Pictures : Crazy vegetables

If you have some garden did you see some crazy or wired vegetables which growing there ?! You didn't find anything like that ?!Well, we find it ! And some very crazy shapes of vegetables which you see right now .Yes ,you see really good ... I think on chills too!

Yes, I know ...that i must be ashamed when i post this pictures but my sense of humor is just like that. And to paraphrase that great social commentator Baldrick, there's nothing as funny as a vegetable that's grown into a rude and amusing shape.

Now see more chills in shape like little .... you know what XD .Funny who nature can make some vegetables in this shape , really it's too wired and crazy when see this ,nobody can believe it !

Look at this adorable couple of carrot . Female and male standing right in front of you .... i think you know which is male , too crazy !

This is some wired and crazy potato .It's looks like some little creatures ...

Carrots in some crazy and funny moves and positions . This is just cool photo which came from England .

What handsome body we have here ... yes again another carrot posing to us to get good picture of his body !

Again nature make some crazy defloration on this vegetables .... this time on tomato!

And this is just cute ! Two lovers in passion and embraced each other ... two young carrots !

Yes ,you see pinnochio tomato ! His little nose is sticking out of his surface ...
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