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Pictures: Weird New York sculptures

If you live in New York or if you want go in New york like a tourist ,you must see this really crazy and wired sculptures of this city . There are everywhere ,just go around the city and you will find this wired sculptures in very popular palces in " Big Apple " city .Pictures which you can see are from Lincoln Center, 58th Street plaza of the Solow building , Rockefeller Center Ice Rink , pictures near IBM building and more.

Art to Crawl Around In All Summer Long Franz West's aluminum sculptures at Lincoln Center meet his first requirement for art they can be touched
Long Franz West's aluminum sculptures

Franz West, the Viennese impresario who is responsible for these characters, likes to think of them as "fairy tale figures, maybe slaves and emperors," but without any specific story to tell or identifiable place of origin. "A narrative, but a narrative that you can't understand what it means," he says in heavily accented English. "If you put the figures together in a frieze, there's a story, but it's a nonsense story." Fittingly, the squat triangle these sculptures form conjures up a playful pediment for Lincoln Center's decidedly unplayful high-modern columned temples.

Current exhibition of Sol LeWitt sculptures & drawing
Sol LeWitt sculptures & drawing

Last summer’s installation by Conceptual artist Sol LeWitt includes five sculptures and one wall drawing. A prolific artist since his emergence in the mid-1960s, LeWitt is showing recent sculptures, called Splotches. With a palette of bold colors, LeWitt has created large-scale, painted fiberglass works. Their undulating, curvilinear shapes and vibrant hues brilliantly engage with the natural landscape of Central Park.

Current exhibition of Sol LeWitt sculptures & drawing 2
Sol LeWitt sculpture 2

LeWitt’s wall drawing, Whirls and Twirls, echoes the abstract forms and vivid color of the Splotches. Taken together, these works represent a bright complement to the unique setting of The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden, which offers a spectacular view of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline.

Joan Miro's Moonbird sculpture on 58th Street plaza of the Solow building
Joan Miro's Moonbird sculpture

Quite weird sculpture of Joan Miro which is named Moonbird . When you look better this sculpture you cloud say that is very expressive and with good coutures.

Louis Bourgeois Spiders in front of the GE Building
Louis Bourgeois Spiders

You cloud me amazed we you see this spider sculptures and for tourist is very attractive place in this part of city .Maybe you wonder how someone make this wired sculptures steel - you cloud ask Louis Bourgeois directly if you go in some of his next exhibition.

Sculpture inside the glass atrium of IBM building Stainless steel and resin painted with acrylic urethane
Stainless steel and resin painted

This is some of the best sculpture in IBM building , really amazing Stainless but the most interested is that shape and weird design style which we can see now.

Surveying this scene are two gigantic 'eyebal' balloons, each 30 feet in diameter, floating 60 feet in the air above the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink.
two gigantic 'eyebal' balloons

A 30-foot-tall Buddha-like figure with multiple arms and a pointed head-the artist's largest sculpture ever-will preside over the scene in 30 Rockefeller Plaza. "Tongari-kun" (Japanese for "Mr. Pointy") as he is known in Murakami's universe of characters, will be flanked by four smaller figures. Low-lying mushrooms, a familiar motif in Murakami's artwork, will surround the central sculpture and serve as seating areas for visitors. Surveying this scene will be two gigantic "eyeball" balloons, each 30 feet in diameter, floating 60 feet in the air above the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink. Murakami will also design the flags surrounding Rockefeller Center to complete the dazzling aesthetic transformation.

urbo and Ferryman, two works by internationally acclaimed British artist Tony Cragg
urbo and Ferryman

This is very amazing two works of Tony Cragg which is too wired and for some ordinary visitor or viewer of New York city.

Wave UFO in the glass atrium of the IBM bulding
Wave UFO in the glass atrium

Wave UFO - an all-encompassing project that comes after three years of research - fuses real-time computer graphics, brainwave technology, sound, and state-of-the-art architectural engineering to create a dynamic interactive experience. The connection between technology and spirituality, increasingly important in Mori's work, is effected here through the use of specially designed computer programs and scientific equipment that monitor and visually interpret the participants' brainwaves.
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