Crazy Frankenstein

biker crash woman

Biker crash woman

Biker was hurried on some place and he didn't know that this woman will be in front of him ! So, people next time watch where you going and bikers slow down for for god's sike!

Bill Clinton voodoo doll

Banned commercial : Bill Clinton voodoo doll

Like voodoo dolls ? We have Bill Clinton voodoo just for you ! You can do everything what you want with him ! Do what you always want to do !

crazy animal in grill

Funny video : Crazy animal in grill

What a lovely saturday afternoon ... it's time to make some fire in grill.It's time for barbecued ! But did this man clean his grill before use ?? He got some big surprise !

cops falling

Funny video : Cops falling

See a bunch of cops which going to raid the place ! There are prepared on anything ! But they not prepared in one thing : to fall !

Funny commercial videos

Funny commercial videos : Blind people don't see difference!

What commericals do to as : to buy something or not to do something ? Sometimes they make us to laugh so hrad that we forget what is all about. And this time too ...

Do you forgive me

Funny video : Do you forgive me ?

How's looks like " I forgive you " from cheated boyfrined ? Can men forgive hers girlfrined ? Yes,he can on some way ! What did he say to her after all what she done to him ...

Don't somke if you wanna live

Don't somke if you wanna live

Guy goes to the balcony to smoke ... but balcony falling off ! Don't somke if you wanna live! (this copyrighted material from commercial)

Don't sleep in the ariplane

Don't sleep in the airplane

Why you must be wake in airplane ? You never konw how much dumb people can do dumb stuff with you - that's why ! Really funny commercial !

Video : Fat woman fall

Video Fat woman fall down

Ouch ! Bar woman falls down a hole in the ground while serving somebody. Look at the guys to the left of her... they're like.... "oh, its only fatty fallin down the hole"

girl spank him good

Funny video : Girl spank him good

Pinjada (pinata) party is now ! Girl have a great part in this game - to spank pinjada donkey ! She really enjoy in spanking but all time she miss donkey or she spank him good ?!!

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