Crazy Frankenstein

7up comerccial - girl kick ass

7up commercial - girl kick ass

Banned commercial of 7up drink ! Are all girls prepared to share there's favorite soda drink with some guy ? Probably not - see here why !

Give me my chpis you scum

Funny commercial : Give me my chpis you scum

A funny Lays Chips commercial ! The battle for the bag !!! Grandpa and Grandma competed to reach a bag of tasty chips.It's kind of brutal commercials but still not insult anybody and accepted like a funny video.

Granny and hier hip

Granny and her hip

Freaky but funny commercial ! Something must be oiled up ..... Granny you could get new hip ,who isn't rusty and don't squeaking around !

granny in the kitchen

Crazy commercial : Granny slipping off

Ganny bought new dish detergent ! Detergent have lovely the fragrance of flowers , it's great for hers hands and skin and the most important of all is the best for sliping off ! Watch out granny !

guy doing exercise

Guy doing exercise - funny video

It's great day to start with exercise ! Ok, for doing exercise propertly you must try without stoping ... or you will hurt yourself and your balls.

Funny commercial Guy love bad beer

Funny commercial : Guy love Bud beer

He is just comfortable sitting in his flat and watch TV and then he want a little beer and he spit on his favorite magazine ... look out your girlfriend and her mom watching you what you doing !

Funny video hilarious rabbit

Funny video : hilarious rabbit

Yep, it's Ester and we all know for Ester bunny ... but did you know for hilarious rabbit ?! This fellow have no time to lose . He just work, work and work ... in this case on balloon !

Funny commercial : Must watch the game

Funny commercial : Must watch the game !

This is the best FOX commercial ever : What things can happen with you before watching big game on TV ? Manny things... like very,very bad day but don't be angry ... think about game tonight.

Indian extreme sport

Indian extreme sport

Very extreme sport in small village in India ! You think this is for real sport ? Got ya! This just awesome commercial video ... or not ?! Spank him oh head !

Funny car commercial video : Ka's evil twin kill bird

Funny car commercial video : Ka's evil twin kill bird

Someone says it's humorous, someone else claims it's cruel and not funny at all. The online video ad developed by Ford to promote Ka's evil twin has raised a lot of noise. If you want to your car be 100% secured , you can buy this car , he can defending him self . Video is NOT for bird lovers.

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