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Pictures : Merories - Twin Towers tragedy

When we see this pictures all sad memories comes on ours minds and tragedy which New York won't forget so easy in near future .Something interesting happened last week.We receive email with this pictures from guy who claimed that this is first and unique pictutres when two airplanes crashed on Twin Towers in New York.


On September 11, 2001, confused amateur pilots crashed into the twin towers as part of a promotional stunt for the cancelled Space Ghost Coast to Coast motion picture. America rightly placed blame for the incident on Republic of Iranistan. This tragedy forced the United States into a war against terror, during which the problems resulting from horror were all but ignored. American security personnel concentrated their focus on Iranistanians and ignored the influx of flesh-eating zombies and Frankenstein-monsters through common checkpoints, resulting in the horrifying zombie uprising of 2007. This initiated The War On Horror and, in turns, wars fought against other various emotions.

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