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Pictures : The fattest cats

Only what you can see now is too fat cats ! Enormously top 10 fat cats ! Good question is how they still live and how can stay a live with that weight ?! Proud (or not proud ) owners of this pets will tell as something about there's huge fat cat.

The 9-year-old cat from the Shandong Province is so heavy it needs the help of its owner to get onto a bed. However, the cat is in surprisingly good health despite its weight.
The cat's owner said it has no interest in eating fish but prefers to eat six pounds of chicken and pork each day.This fat cat is not alone in his weight problem, according to the report. Obesity has become a serious problem for the modern cat, primarily due to a lack of exercise and a richer diet.
Cats are susceptible to a range of illnesses including kidney trouble and diabetes, if they are allowed to remain overweight.

Yes, fat cats are so fat that they’re not healthy. So, to acknowledge the importance of losing weight, coming at number 14 is Mischief, a cat from Stevenage, UK.
Mischief slimmed down to 14 lbs after losing about 11 lbs in 9 months. He won Britain’s Slimmer Pet of the Year award, and can now "move around a lot more than he used to".

Sassy started getting fat after he was fixed. Over the years, vets couldn’t find the reason why he’s so fat. Even after 8 years on diet food, Sassy weighed in at 40 lbs. Sassy has since died, but his image lives on the web. Link

Marisa , or simply "Mari" white cat is Maya Ireland’s pet cat. According to Guiness World Record, Mari is the world’s longest cat - he weighed 35 lb and measured 48 inches tall from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail.

Snowball gained Internet notoriety in 2001 when emails circulated around the world, saying that the 87-pound cat is a mutant cat found in abandoned nuclear research facility run by the Atomic Energy of Canada.

Tubcat, photographed here with its owner, became an Internet sensation in 2002. this cat is the most famous on internet and to this day she is still alive!!

Katy, a 5-year-old cat from the Russian town of Asbest in the Ural mountains, weighs about 50 lbs. Owner Tamara Yapugova said that the cat, who weighs slightly more than the average 6-year-old boy, actually doesn’t eat all that much:
"She has a couple of fish in the morning and about 200 grams of meat in the evening."

Joyce Kirk of St. Joseph, Missouri, said that her cat Iggy weighed 46 lbs, has a 33-inch waistline, and is larger than most toddlers.
As you may have guessed, Iggy’s favorite pastime is eating : "He goes through 30 pounds of food every week," Kirk said.

The Dwallibees of Lino Lake, Minnesota, has a 5-year old cat "Kailee" who weighs 40 lbs or about the weight of a 4-year-old. The cat is named after former Minnesota Viking football player, Kailee Wong (who is, of course, a linebacker).

One of the most famous fat cats was Tiddles, a 32-lb. cat who lived in the ladies’ bathroom at Paddington Station, London.
Tiddles was adopted in 1970 as a stray 6 week old kitten by lavatory attendant June Watson. He lived dined on chicken livers, lambs’ tongues, kidneys, rabbit or steak brought in by his admirers and had his own personal fridge. Tiddles continued to grow in girth and received fan-mail from around the world as well as appearing in news reports. His weight was due to overeating, but vets’ attempts to put him on a diet failed (largely thwarted by titbits from admirers).
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