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Sabotage Toyota RAV 4 commercial

Sabotage Toyota RAV 4 commercial : Video

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Very funny commercial for Toyota cars. Wife and husband want to kill themsefs. The reason is Toyota. A couple are laying bed and compete in a destructive completion to be the first one dressed and ready to drive their Toyota RAV4, first the woman gets up and gets in the shower, not noticing the hair dryer laying in there and is thrown across the bathroom, the man looks content with himself as he stretches and looks out of the window, only for the window to slide down and trap him. Next the woman opens her wardrobe, only for a bowling ball to hit her on the head, and the man then pulls on a light switch only for a blowtorch to scorch his head, leaving him to run and dunk it in the goldfish bowl. The couple then are running to car when they both realise they haven't got the keys, however the man is faking as the woman find the kitchen is booby trapped.
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