Pictures : Funny X ray

Check out the funny stuff on this page ! We have something new to show you - X-ray funny pictures ! You couldn't guess what can be found in human body when we put them on x-ray ! You could see on left side one pretty girl who have cocoa-coal bottle in in her body !On right side you will see gas prices in human body ! LOL !

coca cola x ray        

We are do little research on hamster brain and we do little awesome x-ray picture of his skeleton ! On right side we see young dude with skateboard helmet .

hamster x ray brain        helmet head x ray

Yes,it's Homer ! As you can see on this x-ray picture we find it that Homer have really small brain ! Other pictures is hot ! Too hot ! This picture from some researching about how much pleasure have one couple .

homer x ray        

Two guys in fight ! Good boxing shout ! And you can see how this look like on x-ray ! From right side you see some funny picture about tumor .

sport x ray                x ray

Holly molly ! This chick have balls ! And I mean really balls in hers body ! Question is how she did it that ... On other picture you see to love birds who were kissing and all is catch on x-ray !
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