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Watch with us what is happening on tv daily !On what we laughing this days,what we see new this days,how make big scandal this days,what happend on this day and more . . .

Funny TV:

Santa's Back in Town

Let's get into the Christmas swing with a new year's round of Christmas light displays! More from this creator here.

Matisyahu: King of Beatbox

This guy can beatbox with the best of them. An orthodox Jew with a soul foul of reggae, Matisyahu keeps his crowds riveted in expectation.

South Park: Behind the Scenes

CBS takes you behind the scenes with South park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone; two geniuses of today's cartoon television. What are your thoughts?

Hammered Dulcimer Skills

Max Zbiral-Teller has some sweet skills on the hammered dulcimer. Proof that rocking music can be made on just about any instrument!

Doo-Whop Horses

Turn these four groovy mares into your very own barbershop quartet in this corny little flash toy.

Science Experiment Gone Bad

When sitting in a science lab watching a demonstration, the last thing you want to hear is "That wasn't supposed to happen".

Santa's Back in Town

Even YOU can have a place in South Park with this nifty tool! Go ahead and try it out; if you think you've got a good one, we've got a gallery started here.

Mac vs. PC: Upgrading a PC

The guys at TrueNuff bring you another Mac vs. PC parody. This time, Linux drops in to share some kind words.

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Here's a great compilation of that wacky and theatrical preacher, Benny Hinn. This guy might mean well, but I think all that "slain in the spirit" stuff is a load of crap.

Jerome Murat: The Man With Two Heads

This guy does a pretty awesome pantomime routine. Read more about this amazing artist here.
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