Crazy Frankenstein

Funny advertisements

The page features many other funny advertisements pictures featuring pictures of animals, kids, drunks, adults, signs, celebrity mugshots and more.See how much crazy or funny can be some commercials to pull attention to people.
absolute impotence
Ha-ha!Don't drink this if you have some paln's with your girl!

gilette shave
After shave your cat can too look like this!But don't forget to use Gillete.

Mercedes Benz fight
If you wanna won some fight with deer ... try new Mercedes Benz A class!

basterd brand condoms
Who konws .... maybe your girl be happy if you offer this condoms!

teaching about s
And he is really good at teaching about ... ask Monica Lewinsky !She gonna tell how good he is!

budwiser vomit
If I vomit because budwiser only ...whay to drink that ??

Oooo,my god!I gonna sneeze!

toilet papers
Frogs can say what toilet papers is the best!There's opinion is important.. lol !

All your is neighbourhood overflow ...everything you need hand wash for your car?

Must be very interesting in that house of God ....

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