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Mary Shelley wrote "Frankenstein" in 1816. The book was published in 1818. The story of Victor Frankenstein and his monster has been adapted into plays, films and comics. It has captivated our imagination, and affected our tales of monsters."Frankenstein" is one of the classics of Gothic horror. For those who only know the tale by way of Hollywood, the novel provides a remarkable departure.Get some new wallpapers in this page of Frankenstein.

Pictures : Frankenstein pictures

boris_karloff_in_frankenstein_1931        bride_of_frankenstein_1935        crazy frankenstein look

evil frankenstein        frankenstein picture        Frankenstein pictures

Frankenstein and doctor        Frankenstein and little girl        Frankenstein and his bride

frankenstein Cache        frankenstein scary        frankenstein througtt women

frankenstein speaking with girl        frankenstein and his bride 2        frankenstein bust

frankenstein cover        frankenstein draw        frankenstein quality picture

frankenstein repose        frankenstein monster        frankenstein on door

frankenstein profil        frankenstein walk        frankenstein watch

frankenstein color picture        frankenstein 1939        Karloff Boris Frankenstein

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