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Amazing art sculpture pictures

Do you see this amazing sand sculptures ? That's an art. As Oscar Waild said: "Every work of art is completely useless".Yes, they make them every year.In Florida. On the Gulf Coast and in California. What would you say than about sand sculptures ? They are awesome and cool hand work ! Dare you make one or get some pictures to show us more !

Pictures: Amazing art sculptures

atomic sculpture
An atomic sculpture made from Los Alamos National Laboratory scraps, by Tony Price, of Santa Fe, New Mexico

amazing sculpture        awesome sculpture with reed        beautiful sculpture

cool music theme sculpture of ice        amazing dragon sculpture        horse sculpture of junk meatls

hosre sculpture of woods        amazing mech sculpture        amazing museum sculpture

Roads untaken        amazing sculpture flora generica

amazing sculpture horse        amazing sculpture jinhua        sculpture of gravel

amazing sculpture robot        amazing sculpture sun craft        sculpture with wired steel

amazing winter sculpture of snow        amazing and wired sculpture blueball        amazing sculpture southbank

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